Everything fell down

This was suposed to be posted on last friday 13th.
PLEASE don't do this again.

Hidden place

She is my new itty pretty friend,
She has a little brother.
They need names !

I want to buy you flowers

it's such a shame your a boy
but when you are not a girl
nobody buys you flowers.

Sonido de tacones y luces bajas

Wohoo !!
today i got my first thousand views !!
Thank you all, ily.


Mon petit amie.
Granny bought her for me many years ago.

Shake me, Shake me, Skysrcaper.

Lately i've been smiling too much
this days have been too good to me.

Going home.

I'm good, I'm gone.

Leggings&tee from Zara
Diane Von Furstenberg's cardigan
My sister's cardigan&scarf.


Black dress: xdye
White sequined dress: bsk
necklace: vintage
feather headband: made myself

Bird in cage

You've been loosing your feathers
You've been gaining fear to fly.

I don't feel like loving you no more

Kookai swater, School's skirt,
DKNY tights and my sister's booties.